Paddling Fees 2019.

There are two options, firstly to pay a one off fee at the beginning of the year for all sessions based at the club. This is generally the cheaper option and saves the hassle of paying each time you paddle. Secondly to pay as you paddle.

Option 1 (pre-pay):

Boat owners (who are using that boat):         Adult  £20

                                                                              Junior £10

Non-Boat Owners:                                          Adults  £43

                                                                           Juniors £20

Please note that those who own their own boat, but use a club boat, are required to pay the appropriate fee for the use of the club boat. So that would either be the one off fee for that day or may be more economical to pay as a non-boat owner.  For instance if you own your own canoe, but are likely to take a club kayak out at least six times it may be worth paying as a non boat owner.

Cheques for advance fees should be made payable to Soar Boating Club, and sent to Paul Sharpe at The Soar Boating Club Normanton on Soar, LE12 5HB.

Option 2 (pay as you paddle):

Members:                                                       Adult    £4

                                                                          Juniors £1

Visitors:                                                           Adults   £5

                                                                          Juniors £2

Boat Storage: 

£24 per boat made payable to Soar Boating Club.  These can also be sent to Paul.

Trips and Weekends:

Day and weekend trips will generally be charged in line with the above fees, but may set on an individual basis. In all cases there will be a £3 per boat charge for transportation on the trailer.

We try and keep costs as low as possible. All fees are designed to cover costs which include maintenance, replacement of kit, boats and the trailers, together with the purchase of new boats and kit and our fees to Canoe England.

Please remember it is every member’s responsibility to make sure the appropriate fees are paid by ourselves, our families and by our guests. 

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New website address

Hi all,

New website.

I would like to inform you that has had a change of name and  moved to a new web address and it is now called   Soar Boating Club Paddlers  

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Paddle to Kegworth 30/12/17


Photos by Dave Morris

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Stats and map from Yesterday’s Paddle

Stats and map of yesterday’s paddle not entirely accurate as I forgot to switch on immediately

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 17.07.43.png

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Pre Christmas Paddle

Pre Christmas Paddle 2nd December 2017 .
From The Waterside at Mountsorrel round the backwater to Quorn and Barrow loop, back for a drink at The Waterside. Photos by Dave Morris and Graeme Young










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Annual General Meeting


End of Season Social


Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 8th November 2017

7.00pm at SBC Normanton upon Soar


The AGM will be kept as short as possible with the main topic for discussion being the proposed full integration of QAC into the Soar Boating Club (see e-mail attachment for the proposal).

Please send other items for the agenda to Dave ASAP.


There will be a slide show from the past year with refreshments and the bar being available.

Offers of snacks, cakes or other food for the refreshments will be most welcome.

Please advise Dave of what food you can provide either by WhatsApp or e-mail.

Dave Morris

Proposal for QAC and SBC Committee 2017

  1. That QAC will become fully integrated into SBC. This is essentially broadly in line with the details minuted at the May Committee meeting.
  2. QAC will change its name to Soar Boating Club Paddlers, but keep the Duck as their paddling emblem.
  3. Current equipment will remain the property of “QAC” paddlers, so that in the event of any future need to separate there is no issue with distributing previous QAC assets out of SBC. So, trailers, boats, buoyancy aids, paddles etc.
  4. Propose to set up new SBC bank account to use for paddling funds. This would be ear marked money for use on paddling activities, items such as:
    1. New boats/equipment
    2. Canoe England affiliation fees
    3. Equipment repairs
  5. Decisions regarding the use of these funds would be controlled by the paddling subcommittee.
  6. Any new equipment bought would be the property of SBC and remain such in the event of any future separation.
  7. All equipment and paddling activities to be controlled by “Paddling” Sub Committee (essentially as now).
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Photos from Ripon to York










Photos by Dave Morris










Photos by Paul Sharpe

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